Lasting Legacy Documentaries

As we respond to the gifts and challenges that we encounter from birth to death, we create narratives that are full of meaning. Such narratives are repositories for personal observations, experiences and understandings that ultimately serve to inform, guide and inspire others as they travel their own life journeys. These stories are part of a legacy that we leave to those persons with whom we are connected, either distantly or intimately.



Why Lasting Legacy ?

We are passionate storytellers and filmmakers. Our mission is to document your life by creating a poignant and intimate video portrait, one that allows you to share not just an account of your life events but--more importantly--the wisdom you have gained in the process of living. We appreciate the value that you wish to convey and we do all that we can to ensure that our documentary communicates your truth and your spirit.


We approach each client with keen interest. As we learn about you, we design a format that will best convey your history and personal message. In addition to filming interviews with you and with other significant people in your life, we are able to incorporate photographs and other suitable media from your personal collection. We re-create your life's journey as a colorful cinematic experience, a lasting legacy to be shared with future generations.

Video Samples

The Process

Our process starts with a phone call.  We will set up an initial meeting with you so that we can become personally acquainted.  We will consult with you to determine what will be the most effective way to tell your story. If you wish, we will provide you with questions to guide your narrative.  We are happy to film interviews with you in your home or at any other place of your choice.


On the day of the interview there will be at least one technician and one interviewer on site. We will bring professional equipment such as lights, cameras and microphones. Setting up may take up to one hour before the interview starts. During that time, our interviewer will spend time with you, looking at relevant materials that you may have (such as photographs, video, artwork, etc.) and discussing with you the format of the interview. During the interview, you will do most of the talking, though we may occasionally provide prompts to make sure that your story proceeds in the desired direction. For some portraits we may also follow you around for a couple of hours during a day, filming a typical “day-in-the-life” sequence during which you are able to talk about relevant events, locations or items that help to support your story.


Once again, you will be invited to share with us supporting materials such as your photographs, slides and videotapes. These will be digitally archived by our professional staff and incorporated into your video portrait. Using your interview, “day-in-the-life” footage, and the supporting materials you have provided, we will  paint a vibrant picture of your life's journey. The final video will be a polished documentary-style portrait according to the specifications listed in the package you have selected. Each package will be customized according to the needs of each unique storyteller.


Before getting started we will identify your package needs and will send you a quote. A deposit of half the listed price will be due at the start of the project to assure availability of our crew on the date(s) that you have reserved for production. The finished film will be ready within 6 weeks of the end of the production.


Here is a sample of Interview Questions that may be used to facilitate your story-telling.


Details regarding legal and ethical aspects of services performed by High St. Graphics can be found in our Contract Agreement.




Lasting Legacy Documentary Packages

The Details


  • Modifications

    Base packages include only the items listed. The cost of unused services will be deducted from the total cost of your project. Additional services, or expansion of an already-listed service, results in a cost increase.


    You may refer to our price list for cost breakdowns.

  • Travel Rates

    Within Connecticut, travel costs will be included in the total cost of a project.  If automobile travel outside of Connecticut is necessary, a mileage rate of $.45/mile will be charged.


    Some projects may require extended travel arrangements such as overnight accommodations and additional fees and fares associated trip costs.  Although the exact cost of such expenses will be identified, becoming part of the total project cost, an estimate of airfare, lodging, meals, tolls and parking costs must be paid by the client before the project begins. Travel time (in excess of 8 hours/project) will be compensated at one-half of the daily production rate.

  • Copyright

  • Photo Restoration and Alteration

    High St. Graphics repairs torn or damaged photographs, restores damaged documents, and colorizes faded or black and white photos. Scratches, blemishes, dirt, or water damage can be removed.  Pictures can be digitally altered in other ways, for example, particular people can be removed or added.


    Our legacy video package includes restoration of up to ten photographs. Each additional photograph will be $15. Heavy deterioration or complicated alterations may justify additional costs.


  • Television and Radio

    Do you want a video or audio portrait for a large audience as might be encountered through television, radio and/or Internet podcast?  We will gladly work with you to make sure that the project we create for you is appropriate for your audience and that it fits the requirements of the particular broadcast platform.


    Public distribution of works created by High St. Graphics requires that you sign  a special release form from High St. Graphics.


    High St. Graphics’s Legacy Video Portraits are created with the understanding that they will not be distributed commercially. If you would like your project to be seen commercially, we must provide you with the appropriate release forms. During the process of making the commercial project we would insure that all incorporated media would be licensed with commercial distribution in mind. Distribution liabilities differ slightly with each medium.


    Commercial licensing generates higher licensing fees from license holders.


    See our Copyright section.



  • Our Music Agreement

    High St. Graphics seeks to comply with licensing agreements reflecting our commitment to legal and ethical standards of practice.   We only make use of original, creative commons, royalty free, and/or fully-licensed music. Our use of copyrighted music is consistent with proper licensing agreements (mechanical, synchronization, and/or master).


    Music sources include: The Music Bed, Triple Scoop Music, Vimeo Music Store, With Etiquette, the Free Music Archive, Shawn Reeder Music, Stock20, SongFreedom (Popular), Incompetech, Truetone Productions, Music2Hues, Catalyst Sound,,, AffixMusic, Dan-O Songs, Greg V Music, Antiqcool,, and Digital Juice. For cover licensing we utilize

  • Discounted Rates and Non-Profits

    Are you a nonprofit entity? We may be able to provide you with discounted rates.  Are you on a limited budget? High St. Graphics is happy to work within your budget constraints without sacrificing quality.


    Are you looking for a way to save money? High St. Graphics may be interested in providing a discount in exchange for your photos; these photos would then be added to the stock photography branch of our company.  Such savings--up to a $75/day reduction in costs--may be applied to project costs in order to deepen its scope.


    We are happy to talk with you about what is possible.

  • Digital Files, DVD/Blu-ray, and Online Distribution

    High St. Graphics will make a final customized DVD or Blu-ray with a customized menu, including a cover and label for each legacy video project. We will also provide the client with an additional digital  copy of your project that is formatted for online sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. If the client has had archival media digitized, we will make one DVD of the files; if the amount of digitized media; adds up to more than 4 gigabytes, the client will be charged for whatever additional DVDs, Blu-rays, flash drives, or hard disk drives are required to carry the media.


    High St. Graphics is not responsible for keeping archived material or projects for more than 90 days.


    Some DVD players built prior to 2000 will not be able to play current DVD format. High St. Graphics can help the client find a new DVD player at the client’s request.



  • Digital Conversion

    High St. Graphics provides digital conversion of your pictures, negatives, slides, video cassettes and film stock. We do not currently support the digitizing of 16mm and 24mm film stock. We strive to give you the highest resolution for all of your memories. If the material is sensitive we can digitize it at the client’s location (traveling rate will be applicable).  Archived materials will be stored on DVDs, flash drives or hard drives


    Consult our price list.

  • Prices

    A price list for our Legacy Packages and other Media Services is available as a downloadable PDF.


    Click here to download.


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