Our Mission

We appreciate the power of art to make meaning, grow consciousness, and create bonds of kinship and community.  Our products are intended to fulfill the practical purposes that drive their creation, but also to inspire clients and others through beautiful design and communication of life-affirming values: wonder, compassion, understanding, accomplishment, playfulness and humor.


We take a responsive and highly personal approach to our client’s needs. This means that we listen attentively and support the client in defining what will ultimately be the heart of any given project; the heart of a project is the message that the client wishes to convey.


Though we specialize in legacy videos, we offer an array of media services including, but not limited to, the development brand identity, video production, commercials, documentaries, and the design of books, websites, and logos.  In addition, we provide page layout and print options for posters, brochures, pamphlets, business cards, press packets, and marketing material. We also offer stock photography and digital archiving services.


Our mission grows naturally from our collective interest in people, our love for beauty, and our passion for meaning.


Our Story

High St. Graphics is the vision of artist and philosopher Shannon O’Roarke. After seven years of restoring a beautiful historical house on High St. in Middletown, CT she sought a new way to express her passion, not just for design and collaborative effort, but also for meaning as it is discovered through the inception, development, and fulfillment of ideas. The result has been the creation of a digital media company founded upon cooperative values and dedicated to aesthetic excellence.  The decision to build this company has grown out of ongoing dialogue with Simon O’Reilly and Eli Williamson-Jones, whose ideas, ideals, and technological expertise make High St. Graphics possible.


Simon O’Reilly is a third generation creative, having inherited his father’s and grandfather’s natural interest in, and talent for, making art. At an early age he mingled with others artists, visiting galleries and experimenting in various mediums himself. Schooled in both visual and studio arts, he is fascinated with the affective and cognitive dimensions of film and by its capacity to blend visual expressions, performance, poetry, and music.  He is especially impressed with its power to evoke emotions, both individually and communally.  Simon brings to his work a unique vision born of his own varied and multicultural experiences.  His love of good design and meticulous attention to detail informs all that he does.


Eli Williamson-Jones cannot remember a time when he has not pursued art as a means of understanding and creative expression. His interests have carried him through an evolution from drawing, painting and sculpture to digital art and design. An avid photographer and videographer, Eli incorporates still and moving images into all of his work, political and personal.  He has long appreciated both the importance of personal narrative in defining identity and the power of film in conveying ones deepest values.  In Eli’s words, “We are the potential directors of our own life's movie drama, and the hero's journey describes the highest human aspiration.”




Our Team

Shannon O'Roarke

Owner, Artist, Writer, Philosopher


Shannon is owner, conceptual consultant and writer for High St. Graphics.  Shannon is an artist, in love with beauty--also a philosopher, especially interested in moral psychology.  She has been a teacher for twenty-six years.  Her varied life experiences leave her perpetually amazed by the paradoxical character of human existence, both its resiliency and fragility.  She is interested in people.  She is fascinated by the stories they tell and appreciative of the wisdom shared in the telling.


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Simon O'Reilly

Creative Director, Video Production, Graphic & Web Design.


Simon is a filmmaker, graphic designer, and motion graphics guru who has worked with the Hartford Consortium, Wesleyan University, Ticket Network, Figure 8 Films, Thimbler.com, French CX and Earth Pledge Productions. He joins us after many years of freelancing, enlivening our team with his Canadian candor and contributing expertise he has gained from his considerable experience with the world of new media. His specialty is time-based media and he is skilled in the fine arts and in the area of cinematography. Simon also loves photography; you will find his images on our Stock Photography site.


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Eli Williamson-Jones

Digital Media


Eli loves film and seeks to use it as an art for means of greater consciousness.  Fascinated with the transformative power of digital technology, he utilizes it in the interest of realizing ideals of political unification, and promoting a bigger picture. Music is another interest of Eli; his tastes span an eclectic mix.  Eli has worked in a variety of mediums as a free-lance photographer, videographer, screenwriter and web designer. Much of his work has been with non-profits. Although partially disabled owing to a long battle with Lyme Disease, Eli lends his talents and serves High St. Graphics in a consulting capacity.


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High St. Graphics is a media company providing graphic and web design as well as videography services.

Our clients are fascinating people with big ideas and great stories to tell. Together we use digital design technologies to achieve your goals, both personal and professional.

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